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Mehliz July 13, 2017 Views 11082

Hello fellow TV and Movie lovers. 

You’ve all found the free other TV and Movie sites


%80 of your  movies and  and  episodes 1080p  and  file size between 3GB to 8GB
As you see player is not working properly . Because we need upgrade server speed to 1gbit/sec [ at this moment 200mbit/sec]   So Do not complain about buffering
if you want perfect player and fast streaming  then
1: make a donation for  help us upgrade port speed and  buy better server
2:disable adblock
3: you dont want donate and you dont want disable  adblock then there is  one other easy way : watch video  with lower quality   there ll be no buffer issue !!

we already paid to much from us pocket and we dont want pay anymore . 

If you want better player and  no error msg then please help to us with your donate 

you can donate with click on the donate button
all movies tv shows have a download  button  but only donator member can use download button and they can download with single click  and max speed(1gbit/sec) from your server 






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